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Brothers Section ( Part 7 )
Here you will experience poetry by Christian Men.
The spiritual inspiration comes through the life experiences.
You will find various subjects from a Christian man's perspective.
Enjoy some poetry that will feed your spirit.

Spiritual Poems: Click on the Links Below

Chris Roe

The Painter
Silent Flight
Eternal Journey
Sentinel of Conscience

Darrell Jones

Why I Praise
The Invitation
Joy In The Name
Under Construction

Sirbestian Nzula

Gods Armoury
Still of the night
The Spirit in Me
When pain arrives
The Blood of the Lamb
Moved by the Holy Spirit
Shaken but not shattered
Clay in the potter's hands
Where God want you to be
In Remembrance of Christ

Gods Poetry
Mr Drug Dealer
Do the possible
A man of prayer
A pure heart and Mind

Sirbestian Nzula - 4     ~ New ~

I am in tears
Absolute power
Born out of love
In the sight of my Lord

George Noe - 47

Lord, I Try
Game Over
Jesus' Majesty
'Tis A New Dawn
Glory and Praise
Let's Be Thankful
Have A God Morning
Big Mouse, Little Mouse
With Jesus We're Glorified
Drink, Swear, Steal and Lie

For God?
Be Godly
The Word
Give to Others
God Knows All
Speak Of Jesus
I Love God's Word
The Holy Spirit Gives
Jesus Comes to Give

George Edward Noe - 48

Come Rejoicing
Eternity to Infinity
Christmas All Year
Jesus' Easter Light
God Exalted Forever
Our Jesus And Easter
The Blessings of Jesus
Our Rock For The Ages
Good Friday and Today
Better Not Pout, Better Not Cry

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