Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mr Drug Dealer

I profoundly ask you
As a kullid child
I need my sky blue
Let me be a child

Dear Mr Drug dealer
Your pockets are getting bigger
Your drugs is a killer
You killing our future leader

I speak to you with humility
On behalf of humanity
Stop killing our youth
Mr Dealer it's the truth

Our Kullid nation is dying
While ma is crying
You are smiling
With your flashy ride flying

It is sad to see our boys
Enrich you and your family
Drugs is killing our voice
We no longer have a kullid melody

The tears of mothers
The slow dead
Of our brothers
Is really sad

Tik, tik, tik, tik
The sound of a time bomb
Tik, tik, tik, tik
Our youth is gone

In drugs there is no education
There are only sorrows
Kullids is also Gods creation
What will happen to tomorrow?

An addictive kullid nation
A kullid child without aspiration
A future with no elation
Mr Dealer don't kill Gods creation

I politely ask you Mr Dealer
Or must I say
Stop it Mr Killer
All I can do is pray

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry