Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Moved by the Holy Spirit

Once you are moved by the Holy Spirit
Don't even try to look back
Once you are moved by the Holy Spirit
Peace and prosperity you will never lack

The Holy Spirit is alive in you
You must allow it
To help you to stay true
You will become meek

I feel the spirit in my belly
It is burning with kindness
From the bottom of my belly
All I feel is humbleness

I feel like washing a homeless persons feet
That is what humility can do for you
If it is Christ that you seek
You are on the road that is true

Every time you speak
It will be holy
Peace you have to seek
You will never be lonely

Every word you write
Will inspire your readers
The liar you have to fight
If you want to be a leader

When you walk
It will be with grace
Every time you talk
You can light up any face

Kindness will be part of your soul
You will never take any glory
Humbleness will take control
To God give all the glory

People will say, well done brother
If you have meekness
You will give thanks to our Father
The Master of humbleness

Once you are moved by the Holy Spirit
Your light will shine bright
Once you are moved by the Holy Spirit
It is the Spirit of Christ with all His might

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry