Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Let's Be Thankful

Let's be thankful to the Lord
for all that He has given to us!
Through all the wars and battles
in Him we still trust.

Yes, we trust Him this day.
We are blessed to be a nation under Him.
All the time, God watches over us
again and again.

There are nations who worship other gods,
but they will be lost on Judgement Day.
Even though missionaries have been there
told them the Good News and how to pray.

Little good it has done
many still believe in their idols and such.
When Jesus comes back they will not
go to Him or feel His healing touch.

Let's be thankful friends, in our country,
for all the Lord has done.
There will be a day when we shall hear
across every nation "My People Come!"

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry