Ujamaa Christian Poetry

In Remembrance of Christ

I am close to tears
Thinking about Christ
To the liar I show no fears
Christ is part of my life

My beloved Christ was pierced
For all our iniquities
It bring me close to tears
In this world there are no equalities

Christ were paraded in the streets
For all our transgressions
Christ battled to stay on His feet
Christ is love, this I have to mention

How can love be crucified?
Our behaviour, we need to rectify
How can humility be spit at?
Meekness we seem to lack

He died on the cross for me
He suffered tremendous pain
Just to set our souls free
His love must reign

We need to remember our teacher
We need to repay Christ the preacher
We need to worship the counsellor
In His fleet you must become a sailor

He died for us
Don't take that lightly
I ask you politely
Loving Christ is a must

Every strike of the cane
Comes with excruciating pain
I can't explain?
Something that is insane

In remembrance of Christ
I am on my knees to give thanks
To Him who gave His life
I profoundly say thanks

If it was not for Him
I wonder where we would be
My soul I need to redeem
In Christ we will be free

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry