Ujamaa Christian Poetry

When pain arrives

As a child in Christ and a servant
When pain arrive at your doorstep
Don't open your door for the serpent
Pain and suffering, leave it at your doorstep

When pain arrives
It can knock you off your stride
Draw courage and strength from Christ
The will of God you can't fight

I am talking about spiritual pain
Things that test your believe in Christ
You might feel, spiritually you are drained
Put all your faith in Christ

My advice will be, ride the storm!
With God by your side
Nothing will go wrong
Just believe in Christ and His might

The serpent loves pain
Don't allow the snake to take control
When pain arrive, the serpent like to rein
Let Christ control your soul

Spiritual pain in these times
Will always visit you
This is the hard times
Stick to Christ like clue

The poisonous snake
Will whisper in your ear
Don't listen to the venomous snake
With God by your side, show no fear!

The spirit of Christ
Dwell in us even when in pain
That is the might of Christ
Pain and the serpent, we must slain

When pain arrives
It will stay for a while
In you, Christ is alive
His love stretch longer that a mile

The moral of this story
Pain is only flesh
The Spirit of Christ is glory
Pain and suffering parricides on flesh


Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry