Ujamaa Christian Poetry

With Jesus We're Glorified

My Lord and Savior Jesus has been my Lord
and has given me good sense.
I tell you this with
one-hundred percent confidence.

Yes dear friends, our Savior rose
He is alive! He lives!
That causes my heart to sing with joy
for all that my Redeemer gives.

On this Easter Day take comfort in Jesus
and don't forget to rejoice.
For one day we will see Him
and know His voice.

Dear friends, we will be glorified with Jesus
made brand new.
Let's thank Him for He suffered, died
and rose for me and you.

Dear friends, Jesus has risen from the tomb
for us, everyone.
Praise His name, talk to Him.
Be sure you are saved by faith in God's Son.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry