Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Still of the night

In the still of the night
The Holy Spirit in me
Helps me to fight
The old me that want to break free

In the still of the night
While all is asleep
I feel the Godly light
Gods love makes me meek

In the still of the night
My mind become nomadic
The snake's venom I have to fight
The tempter tells me I am enigmatic

When the night become silent
The spirits in me help me
To become reliant
On God that will set me free

At first I was oblivious
To what was going on
I take all my prayers serious
Anew I want to be born

The dark side of me
Fight me, in the still of the night
God will set me free
Soon my night will become bright

In the still of the night
I learned to fight
In Christ there is might
My life is entering the light


Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry