Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Somewhere deep
in the heart of the ghetto

A mother can't feed her child
See the Daddy is gone
Because he was caught wrong
He'll be doing some time for awhile

This here scenarios
common place

Depending on where you're from

I myself was born
on Chicago's west side

And the ghetto can start draining you young
That young mother struggles

to keep
it together

To make it from day to day
Some folks can't imagine
the storms that she weathers
Or prices that she has to pay

She solicits a friend
to look after her child

So she can go try and find work
But jobs in the ghetto
are really quite scarce

And to women
most bosses are jerks

Now she stands on the corner
to wait for her bus

She's feeling some anger
but mostly disgust

When a caddy pulls up
Well dressed Cat inside

He seemed really nice
as he offered a ride

There's a smile on her face
as she gets in his ride

Not knowing the dangers
there lurking inside

Now he's treating her well
for more than two weeks

Buying her really nice things
And her child many treats

Then all of a sudden
He's feeding her dope

Destroying her dreams
And crushing her hopes

The next thing you know
Her body's for sale

The state has her child
And she's sitting in jail
As she sits in her cell
Reflecting on life

All she can remember
Is heartache and strife
Just as she's feeling that all hopes are dashed
A miracle of sorts

Just then came to pass
A Bright light appeared in that cell
Then a voice
It said to her

Child there is still one
More choice

He said
I am He that can free you from here

Remove your addiction and take away fear

If you just believe
That I am the SON

Of the one LIVING GOD
Then it shall be done

She started to cry
And then to confess

The sins of her heart
As well as her flesh

As she fell to her knees
With a sigh of relief

She called out to JESUS

The next day she woke
With a new lease on life

Down for the struggle
And willing to strive

She eventually regained
Those blessings she loss

Her child
A new job
And a really cool boss

Sisters and Brothers
Know this to be true

If not for Gods graces
Then this could be you

I know that you're thinking
This story is phony
But I know that its true
Cause its my Testimony

Written by Darrell Jones


Ujamaa Christian Poetry