Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Shaken but not shattered

The devil is a liar
He will attack your soul
Your soul will be on fire
Let Christ take control

My spirit might be shaken
But it's not shattered
My spirit might be broken
God is still my Sheppard

My God is a loving God
I sincerely believe in His son
He is my Lord
Sin is on the run

The tempter can't defeat me
He will try to push me!
On a road of self destruction
The liar feed of destruction

My soul might be damage
With God on my side
I will surly manage
To stay in the light

Satan might win this battle
I will win the war
God is beside me in battle
Over my horizon, Love raw!

The liar might knock
Me of my stride
His lies, I need to block
For love I will fight

A time will come when I fall
I will continue in the light
I answer to one call
The call of delight

The devil will attack me
He will never manage
To destroy me
Nor will I be damaged

I walk with the Son of God
I am part of His flock
The spirit in me, Christ will unlock
He will give me feelings of a Lord

Satan will try to pull me back
In Christ perseverance, I will never lack
I will continue on the righteous track
And grab Satan by its neck

Christ will give me power
To fight the destructive liar
Even in my final hour
God will lift me higher

Satan you can shake my soul
But you will never break me
When Christ is in control
My soul will always be free

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry