Ujamaa Christian Poetry

'Tis A New Dawn

'Tis a new dawn and the sunshine
breaks upon the tomb.
Then our Lord and Savior most high
walks free from the gloom.

So many years ago Jesus had
triumphed above the skies.
Yes, dear friends our Savior
redeemer did rise.

That was Jesus' day of resurrection
throughout the universe so broad.
How merciful and loving is the
Good News of Salvation from our God.

I write to you this day that we will also
be resurrected because of Jesus' rebirth.
Think of our loving Jesus, keep Him in our
hearts, think about how much He is truly worth.

Dear friends, Jesus has risen from the tomb
for us everyone.
Praise His name and talk to Him. Be sure
you are saved by the sacrifice of God's holy Son.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry