Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Gods Poetry

Gods Poetry, what is it?
Is it a form of art?
Or is God taking the lead
Is the writer smart?

Reader let me explain to you
God use the writers
To bring a message that is true
Just to lift you higher

I didn't understand
Where the writer gets the message
But now I comprehend
The writer walks in Gods passage

As a poet, I fund it strange
Words flowing freely
On a grumbled page
The feeling is heavenly

The moment is surreal
The free flowing pen
Upon reading it became real
God has a plan

Beloved God speak, via poetry
God's poetry become pottery
It shape the reader
To become a future Christian leader

I find it peculiar
In the way God work
In my life in particular
God's poetry is His word

Christ you help me
To understand
What it means to be free
To be a family man

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry