Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Love God's Word

Today - what an awesome day to praise
God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus!
In the Holy Bible are the divine words of God
recorded for us to read and trust.

I especially love the New Testament books, the Psalms
and the Proverbs - so beautiful and true.
I also love the Old Testament, but the New Testament
inspires me to write these words for you.

There are times that my human nature wants
me to write from its point of view.
God's words in the Bible are the only ones
worth writing about - the ones I want to do.

The Holy Spirit inspires me to write
about God's pure love and the Good News.
Though it's been written about for over 2000 years
for our lives every word gives a plan we can use.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry