Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Clay in the potter's hands

I want to be like clay
In the hands of my saviour
I want to be a bright day
I have to change my behaviour

If I am like clay
God can mould me
To His image in this dark day
In Gods image, I will be free

I need to become flexible
To be used by our Father
My God is reliable
His love is like no other

You must become like clay
The Kingdom of God I must seek
In order to become like clay
A God fearing servant that's meek

If God want me to be on the street
That is where I will be
God is all that I need
Humbleness will set me free

God can mould me in any way
Being humble and submissive
I will wake up to a bright day
To a life that is productive

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry