Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Gods Armoury

In us we have God's Arsenal
His armoury is in His word
I will make His fight, against the world personal
I trust in His word

If I have to fight trench warfare
I will dig in and defend
His love for us is rare
On His word I depend

I shall bombard the world
I will fight till the end
His word shall save the world
His armies, He will send

God's words are our armoury
We have the weapons to fight
It is in His might
Make use of His armoury

It is very simple
Believe in Him
Believe in His word
Believe in His love

His word wins wars
His word is his army
We are at war
Let's join His army

The armada of His troops
Spreading His word
Will appear over the horizon
And fight till the bitter end

I am a general in His force
He will bring peace to all
Especially to them that is not part of His force
After that, we will have a ball

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry