Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Do the possible

Dear beloved and reader
You can do the possible
You can become a Christian leader
Let God do the impossible

The Holy Bible speak
About the value of love
Love is what we must seek
With the qualities of a dove
I know times are raff
When God speak
You must take the lead

Man can do what is possible
Offer your body and time
So that God do the impossible
Higher and higher you will climb

Beloved avail your service
To edify to the Body of Christ
Ride the turbulent rivers
To secure a pure Christian life

If you trust on your might
All is lost my friend
For love and peace, you must fight
To enter the promise land

Make your hands clean
To serve Gods nation
Life will be a holy dream
The feelings of heavenly elation

It is very simple
You do the possible
God will do the impossible
Your life will become a miracle


Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry