Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Painter

With each stroke of the brush,
At each glance,
A new horizon
Is within my sight.

As the light from a clear sky,
Pierces the stream,
Then rises like a diamond,
And floats from my view,
I am captured
Upon the surface of the water.

As the canvas
Becomes more complete,
As more power,
More knowledge,
More understanding,
Continues to colour my world,
The painter shows a genius,
I can no longer ignore.

In these valleys and glens,
Beside rivers and streams,
Below snow capped mountains,
Where eagles caress the air,
I have walked with the wise man,
The master of serene beauty,
The musician of my soul,
The prince of light,
The painter of colours
Upon the canvas of life.

Written by Chris Roe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry