Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Eternity to Infinity

Dear friends, Two-thousand years ago a baby was
virgin-born to be the Prince of Peace for us.
The Wonderful One, the Everlasting One, our Savior,
the One to this day we can still trust.

To all who worship Him, may we
grow closer to Him this Christmas day.
His power over sin and death
takes our sins and eternal death away.

Thanks to God's Son we have been redeemed,
praise Him a million times over through eternity.
Oh, what an awesome Savior Jesus is!
The Holy Bible proclaims His deeds for infinity!

Yes, the Lamb born is Christ! In this world
what an oasis He is of Hope and Love.
Oh, dear friends, perhaps He will come back
today from His home above.

Never give up, never give in - keep your faith in Jesus,
He died to save everyone.
He is the only way to Heaven. On the first Christmas,
with our rebirth, to Earth He has come.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry