Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Born out of love

The church gave birth
To a child out of love
That entered earth
As a snow white dove

My soul where conceived
By the hands of Christ
Peace and love is what I received
The beginning of a new life

My shepherd guide me
Out of the fire
He set me free
From the grip of the liar
Today I stand tall
Christ lifts me higher
Even when I fall
Serving God is my desire

My shepherd restored my soul
He made it His goal
To have me under His control
Today for Christ I petrol

My spirit is born out of love
While I was in the dark
Fighting Christ where my art
Today I am a man of love

The Body of Christ
Life in harmony
The Apostolic way of life
Is filled with a Godly melody

Tjo, I am born out of love
With the qualities of a dove
In times that is raff
This body showed me love

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry