Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A pure heart and Mind

To enter the Kingdom
Of God, the King of love
To live in a state of freedom
You have to become pure as a dove

Beloved you need a pure heart
In order to bless others
You don't have to be smart
To love like a mother

Beloved a pure heart
Overflow with peace
Make helping, your art
Blessings you shall receive

A pure heart and mind
Will help you to love mankind
Beloved stop being blind
The kingdom you need to find

If your mind is pure
You shall have an understanding
To acquire all the natural blessings
Christ is the one you have to adore

All Godly things are pure
Look at a white dove
It represents love
A benighted feeling has a cure

I pray for my brethren in Christ
Not to take this lightly
Beloved change your life
I ask you politely

Allow God to cleanse your soul
Make it your goal
To let Christ take control
To retrieve your soul out of the fire
Let Christ lift you higher
Out of the grip of the liar

Beloved this is the final our
Time is flying
Gods has all the power
To stop your soul from crying

Make things pure
In your precious life
Move closer to Christ
That is my cure
God is the one I adore

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry