Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Invitation

Come be with me
I know a place
Where ner a demon goes

Where happiness fills every heart
And streets are paved with gold

Walk close to me
Just take my hand
I'll give you perfect peace

I'll fill your days with wonder
And your joy will never cease

I never will forsake you
I'll stay right by your side

You'll have no cause to fear
And they'll be no reason to hide

When the storms of life are raging
And evil plans are made

When friends lay plot against you
You can always call my name

I'll relieve all your frustrations
Eliminate those fears

I am He who can perfect you
And give increase to your years

I am your new beginning
I am Alpha everyday

My fathers house has many mansions
And through me He's paid your way

Believe on me
Repent of sin
And I will show you grace

My Love and tender mercy's
Will shine like sun upon your face

This is your formal invitation
Now salvations yours to choose

The choice should be quite simple
Your soul is all you have to loose

Written by Darrell Jones


Ujamaa Christian Poetry