Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Where God want you to be

We spend must of our time
Wondering where we want to be
Instead of wondering where God want us to be
I think it is about time

To wonder where God want us
I know times are hard
That's why in God we must trust
Your life will no longer be hard

I am prepared to go to a place
Where God wants me to be
That place will be save
That place will set me free

If God want me to sweep streets
I will do it with pride
If I have to stay on the street
Gods request I will never fight

God have a plan for all of us
Just follow his lead
Gods word will make you last
Don't worry of your needs

You must never forget
God will never forsake you
God is a God of respect
God can make your sky turn blue

If you pray
God will show you the way
To a brighter day
Where you can work and play

God will send you to places
Where you're light will shine
To demonstrate his power even in dark places
Your light can shine

If He feel that you
Need to life in poverty
To His word stay true
You will see prosperity

God need all of us
To work with Him
So that His word last
Even how hard it seem

If you have to be a helping hand
The love of God will manifest in you
This I do comprehend
Gods love is true

Written by Sirbestian Nzula


Ujamaa Christian Poetry