Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Joy In The Name

I'll climb up on
A mountain high
And sing out loud your praise

I'll honor and I'll cherish you
That's how I'll spend my days

If I had a million tongues
It wouldn't be enough

To express to you the joy extreme
That comes just from your touch

Your love simply amazes me
It seems never to cease

Your words they fill my spirit
With an awesome kind of peace

You've been called by so many names
Sometimes its hard to choose

But the names don't do you justice
Doesn't matter which you use

You're Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and The End

My source of inspiration
And a light to many men

You are my Bright And Morning Star
Strong Provider of my needs

My All In All
Good Counselor
Don't forget the
Prince of Peace

King of Kings I've heard some say
You're Yahweh to a few

Before your crusifiction
You were dubbed
King of the Jews

Always are you Jesus
Him who died and lives again

Spirit Of The Living God
For giver of our sins

It really doesn't matter
How you choose to say his name

Just call on him whenever
The results will be the same

He'll pour you out a blessing
You won't have room to receive

The cost is inexpensive
All you need do is believe

Written by Darrell Jones


Ujamaa Christian Poetry