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Christian Poets

If you are a poet and would like for us to post your poetry on this site, feel free to send your submissions to: Poems@MyUjamaa.org
Christian Poets Unite
Welcome to Ujamaa Christian Poetry Site. This is a place where you can release your gifts of poetry to the one who blessed you with the gift...Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do you have thoughts of gratitude? Words of comfort? Songs of praise? Poetic testimonies? Prayers? Let's all come together on one accord and tell God how much we love him. Let's sing of his mercy and grace....tell of his faithfulness....shout of his infinite wisdom and all-encompassing love! .

Excerpt From The Bible
JOHN 11 - Jesus Raises Lazarus


Verse 35 - Jesus Wept.
Verse 36 - Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!
03/31/13 - Updated Monthly

Site Update
Good afternoon everyone... I am so glad that we can introduce a new poet as Gary James Smith has submitted a few spiritual pieces; It Is So Wonderful, The Unblemished Lamb, The Telescope Of Heaven, What Love! What Wondrous Love, and You Breathed Into Man The Breath Of Love... Next, we have Debbie Bongiovanni who has a few new poems that praise the Lord; Appreciate, Read God's Words, Touch Someone's Life, An Angel Looks Over Us, and We Hang On By A Thread... Then, there is our brother George Edward Noe... Do enjoy reading over his Easter pieces; Jesus' Easter Light, God Exalted Forever, Our Jesus And Easter, Our Rock For The Ages, and Good Friday and Today... With that continue to serve the Man above and help out those who are in need... Have a blessed day... Mr. Africa - March 31, 2013
Good afternoon everyone... First off, I would like to thank all who continue to visit us a monthly basis. Also, I would like to encourage my fellow poets to submit your Christian pieces.... As I have said before, there would be no Ujamaa without you. With that being said, I'm honored to introduce three new poets... First, there is Brother Darrell Jones... This young man has accepted the Lord into his life, as our youth need not be afraid to call upon the almighty; Why I Praise, The Invitation, Joy In The Name, Under Construction, and GHETTO TESTIMONY… Then there is Jessie Tyler Gustems who has patiently waited for me to post his spiritual pieces; G.O.D, Rather Live, Just lay it down, I am not the same, and The Holy Sacrifice... It is always nice to come in contact with writers who have recently picked up a pen and decided to flow literally... We also have sister Barbara Rose and so feel free to bathe within her words; PEACE, Pollution, Eleventh hour, I Am Not Enough Lord, and God Gave Me a Fistful of Dreams... Lastly, our resident poet George Edward Noe has a few Christmas pieces which shall get all in the holiday spirit; Come Rejoicing, Eternity to Infinity, Christmas All Year, The Blessings of Jesus, and Better Not Pout, Better Not Cry... Have a blessed week… Mr. Africa - December 25, 2012

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That same hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem … They were saying, “The Lord has risen!”

—Luke 24:33, 34

Spiritual Intimacy with God
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To love and walk with God is to sacrifice what we want to show our love to His will for our lives.

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