Ujamaa Christian Poetry

If I Could

I would travel back in time
To when we needed not a dime
But still satisfy ourselves to the fuller
Without lifting but a finger

Would love to watch the first light
Swathe the first night
Sit under its glow till the first morn breaks
While listening to the songs of the birds

I would sit where the sun shines brighter
But still much warmer
Where the heaven sends just the dew
But still wets the plants when due

Wish I could live in that world
That had not sorrow as her word
Before the pain of the first birth
Or the agony of the first death

There I would see the woman made first
Before the taste of the forbidden fruit
Tell her of the outcome of their disobedience
And how it robbed my world of her peace

That lawlessness is the new law
Pain and sorrow are the spawn
Hunger, misery and war their allies
These friendly nature and elements now foes

Death has stopped being scary
Hope is now being scary
Hoping only makes you a loner
TIll you can hope no longer

There I would stop the first evil forever
We would live in the first world ever
Death and his emissaries would have no sting
And love would reign supreme, the greatest king

Written by Olufunke Kolapo


Ujamaa Christian Poetry