Ujamaa Christian Poetry


What grace that love of God
That shines on sinful man
Gives him opportunity
To repent and be born again
The Light of the world Lord Jesus
Who willingly went to the cross
Still offers Himself as the Saviour
For all who are weary and lost

What grace that love of God
Who stooped to sinful man
Humbled Himself to become human
Although He was the I Am
Who made us flesh from simple dust
And gave us the earth as home
Still is seeking sinful man
And to call the wayward home

What grace that love of God
What indebtedness I owe
Who took my sin and wrought deliverance
For this old weary soul
To taste the joy of forgiveness
My sin with all it's past
Was dealt a blow at Calvary
Given a life that will ever last

What grace that love of God
That keeps me by His Spirit
That gives me joy in living
O brother sister hear it
Don't refuse such wondrous grace
That's given from above
Nowhere in this whole wide world
Will you find such grace and love

Written by Gary James Smith


Ujamaa Christian Poetry