Ujamaa Christian Poetry


The love of God runs deep and red
The blood for sinners slain
And not one drop was wasted there
But covers guilt and shame
And though the attitude of others..
"That man will never change!"
I beg to differ with you brother
My God "doth" rearrange!

It's not an agony of prayer that brings the wanderer home
But steadfast prayer with love and hope
That saves a wayward son
You never know the day or hour
That God may use to bring
The lost one home for "fellowship "
Then the joy bells ring!

So don't be so quick to judge
Your just a mortal man
God can take a broken vessel
And bring it to life again
But the rather "check your heart"
Is there love in there?
Then bring the change "you want to see"
By faithful, fervent prayer

Words are cheap..so swift to throw
A few to light a fire
That spreads a gossip traveling train
To turn up the gossip higher
Don't be the guilty party here
And wallow in your mire
The words you speak show your "true heart"
Is that your chief desire

Rush into your closet swift!
Swift! Get on your knees
Confess to God your wretched heart
This is what " you" need
Ask forgiveness for the way
You have treated others
Then truly show God's love " to them "
You'll be blessed in this my brother!

For Jesus came seeking sinners
Not for the " righteous " man
If you think your better than others
Then you better think again
All our hearts are desperately wicked
Yours is included here
Repent, believe in Christ today
For He is ever near!

Then let His love flow through you
By the Holy Spirit
Who loves to seal men born again
Listen! Can you hear it?
Yes that still small voice of God
Calling on you today
Make that decision to let God change your heart
Now bow your head and pray!

Written by Gary James Smith


Ujamaa Christian Poetry