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Brothers Section ( Part 5 )
Here you will experience poetry by Christian Men.
The spiritual inspiration comes through the life experiences.
You will find various subjects from a Christian man's perspective.
Enjoy some poetry that will feed your spirit.

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Dr. John Celes

On Death
God's Love
Think Anew
My offertory to God
Man shan't judge another
God's work is most perfect
Sin separates me from God
If God loves you, you're saved
Mortal Man Calls Himself Immortal
Don't worry, His ways are noteworthy

John Marshall

Mulier Amicta Sol
Unbroken Silence
The Alphabet of God
The Song of St. Brigid of Ireland

Tom Krause

Caretaker's Job
A Christmas Lesson
God Had Me All The Way
I Wish Someone Would Tell Me

David Duncan

God Speaks Out
Come Follow Me
Heavens Triumph
Forever By Your Side
The Shadow of His Wings
The Heart That Cries Within

Ronnie Enoch

His Light
The Bible
Thank God
What To Do
Made To Do
Your Authority
The True Friend
Walk With Integrity
The Way, The Truth and The Life

I call
The Cross
Walk Alone
Jesus Christ
I Am Healed
Reap What You Sow
Resurrection Sunday
The Full Armor Of God

Ronnie Enoch - 2

Godly Men
In My Heart
Grace On Thee
He Will Provide
Saved By Grace
Total Submission
Seems Right To A Man
Good Will Towards Men

The Word
The Flesh
Speak Life
First Stone
I'll Persevere
End In Death
The True Vine
Mercy And Grace
All Understanding
He Will Reappear

Ronnie Enoch - 3

Just Sin
I Will Repay
To The Wall
I'm At Peace
Lost The Fight
Victorious Livin
Praying For You
Time And Space
Head On Collision
The Father's Wrath

A Phony
Everything I do
By Bread Alone
Good Intentions
Enjoyed By Man

Ron Enoch - 4

By Force
You And Me
Body And Soul
Just Keep Going
A Renewed Mind
Complete Control
Not Fortune, Nor Fame
The Battle Is Not Yours
I'm Waiting Just For You

Too late
Christ Slave
Begin To Fall
Our Only Hope
The Lord Is Good
The Banking Cartel
Physical Equivalent
King On The Throne
Injustice And Tyranny

Ron Enoch - 10

The Bible
Hell Bound
Go Through
Pass You By
Lord And King
Slender Thread
Hope For Tomorrow
Fear And Trembling

Ron Enoch - 12     ~ New ~

Set Me Free
Take It's Toll
Still Believe The Lie

George Edward Noe - 7

The U.S.of A.
For Your Glory
He Is Still Standing
In God We Trust 04
The Time - The Place!
One Nation Under God
Easier To Love Than Hate
Those Eight Dreaded Words
Don't Take God Out of Everything

Our Lord 24x7
Farther From Sin
One Prayer Away
Perfect Memories
Admission Is Paid
Get To Church On Time
Sleeping In The Lord's Arms
Those Who Do the Tempting
A Little Boy To A Young Man
Petitions Before God's Throne

George Edward Noe - 8

John 6:47
Psalm 55:22
In Your Face
Love Advisory
Roll The Credits
A Bountiful Table
You Are Grounded
The Ultimate Panic Room
Do You Need A Life-Line?
God In Your Heart and Home

A Heart
Unseen Things
The Perfect Lamb
Every New Morning
No Need to Belabor?
New Years Resolution
Counting Your Blessings
How You Live "The Dash"
January Two Thousand Five
Come Rejoicing - Songs Voicing

George Edward Noe - 9

Jesus' Voice
Speed Bumps
A Warm Afternoon
Our Redeemer Lives
Jesus Awaits At Home
Jesus Is Coming Soon
A Broken Truck Window
My Darling, Valentine's Day
A Gold Bucket - A Black Bucket
Valentine's Day - Love, Love, Love

A Tune Up
A Broken World
Closer To Home
Surrender To Jesus
Copy Cat Christians
Before I Knew Better
Magnificent Obsession
Dear Mom and Eternity
Moms, Hugs and Songs
Mountains Of Depression

George Edward Noe - 10

Let Us Fight!
Dear Jesus
I'm Proud to Tell
How About You?
My Human Father
My Dad's Good Name
Are You In God's Hands?
Give Your Burdens To The Lord
Blessed Are Those Who Know The Lord
THE BIBLE: Basic Information Before Leaving Earth

George Edward Noe - 11

God Will Speak
Holy Bible at My Side
God Didn't Have To Be
God Our Eternal Father

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