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Brothers Section ( Part 6 )
Here you will experience poetry by Christian Men.
The spiritual inspiration comes through the life experiences.
You will find various subjects from a Christian man's perspective.
Enjoy some poetry that will feed your spirit.

Spiritual Poems: Click on the Links Below

Kanu Okezie

The fall
Lost all?
Just Do It
His Passion
This struggle

Otse Ogorry     ~ New ~


George Edward Noe - 12

Without Jesus
Satan's Wares
May I Be Brave!
My Poem--My Story!
The Lord Has Issues
Our Constant Gardner
A New Wind A Full Sail
God Our Eternal Father
Only One Way to Heaven
Prayer For Katrina's Victims

Pure Gratification
What is the Cost?
The New Year 2006
A New Calander Year
Helping Others With Cheer
Keeping Jesus In The Manger
May I Play My Drum For You?
Wonderful Praises Christmas Eve
Our Christmas Gift - Day and Night
Christmas Hearts Close to Bursting
Thank You, Lord, for the New Year!

George Edward Noe - 13

Dear LLC,
The Passion
Fishers of Men
No Small Affair
The Love I Had
Sharing Valentines Day
You Make My Life Better
Mom, Our Love Lives On
The Christian Super Bowl
Feelings on Mother's Day

Write It Down
Mile After Mile
I'm Spoken For
Our Gift is Jesus
The Marsh Queen
Someone At The Door
Blessed to be Your Son
An Ad in the Newspaper
You Are A Grand Old Flag
The Land of the Free and Brave

George Edward Noe - 14

Every Step
God's Holy Son
Message to Self
Finish The Work
Milk and Cookies
Christmas Appreciation
Christmas Is God's Plan
The Price of Five Sparrows
That Good Old Time Religion
Christmas Day CDs and IRAs

John 8:31
Our Risen Lord
God's Rainbows
Good Bye Satan
Permanent Love
No Easy Way Out
God's Time Piece
The Great Rapture
A Lamb Saved All Men
Lord Jesus, I Give You Praise

George Edward Noe - 15

Come! Join In!
So Much Love Sown
The 4th of July, 2007
No Room For Sorrow
Sharing Our Freedom
New Birth Came Today
Thank You Dear Savior
Living Better Than Before
The Deliverance of Jonah
We All Need - Needful Things

New Life
A Gift For All
The Best Days
Come To Jesus
The Kingdom Come
Problems Get Smaller
Only He Can - Rejoice
Adventures Of A Christian
Jesus, Both God and Man
Merry Christmas, My Friends

George Edward Noe - 16

Psalm 94
The Good News
Valentines Love
In God We Trust
Wow! Mom's Day
Thank You, Mom
O Lord, Thank You
Seven Times A Day
Dear Lord Come Back
Happy Valentines Day, LLC

God Is Why
A Cut Above
Satan Shares
Just Too Busy
Praise Be To God
A Hard Row to Hoe
All Over The World
Flowers and Rebirth
No Mountain to Climb
The Lord's Family Plan

George Edward Noe - 17

Thank You, God
2 Calories A Kiss
Come As You are
Praise Only Jesus
How Great You Are!
Dear Friends, Awake
The Purpose of Testing
Are You In Good Hands?
Everlasting to Everlasting
Satan: A Deadly Predator

George Edward Noe - 18

Our Great Lord
O Lord, I'm Sorry
Be On The Watch
The Lord Made Us
The Lord Loves Me
Trials And Blessings
What More Can I Say?
Help Us Focus On You
There Once Was A Man
Heaven: A Gift Of God's Grace

One Choice
What A friend
Love The Lord
Thank You Lord
A Smile Says It All

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