Ujamaa Christian Poetry

You Got Me Covered

Covered by Your blood, yet I continue to sin
When I knock at Heaven's door, will you still let me in?
Or will you tell me that my grace period has already expired,
That I have four flats and no spare tire,

That there were too many times I failed to give You the praise,
Too many times that I failed to say,
"Father please forgive me, I know I've done wrong.
Please restore me and help me to move on."

You were there all along, just waiting for me
You're arms were outstretched, I fell to my knees

Not to pray but to look under the bed
Where are those shoes, I've got to get dressed
If I'm late one more time, my boss will go bezerk
And no longer will I have a place to call work

I completely ignored You; I was too blind to see
Just how many times You were there for me

All those times, when I almost crashed
When I paid for something and had just enough cash

Too busy running around - rush, rush, rush
When all You needed was for me to hush,
Stop, relax, take a minute to reflect
Listen for Your voice and see what You planned next

Do You want me to sing, teach, preach, lead?
What if I fail, do I have everything I need?
There I go - worrying again
Leading myself right into the next sin

Lord, help me to realize my one divine purpose
Showering You with unending worship
If I keep this task number one in my life
Everything else will turn out alright

The devil can't harm me; I'm under Your protection
I have faith and believe in Your resurrection
The Son of God, my Savior and King
Forever on You alone will I lean

So when I start to feel low and as though I may stray
Remind me to resist the devil and pray
For faith alone was the key to my salvation
And the day I believed was my day of restoration

Written by Zahra Twinford


Ujamaa Christian Poetry