Ujamaa Christian Poetry

You Got To Go

Alright devil, it's time for you to go.
I don't think you heard me yo.

You're uninvited company and you've stayed way too long.
It's time to back up off me, don't make me come at you wrong.

Cuz my Heavenly Father taught me better than that.
And disrespecting folks just ain't where it's at.

He said, "Love your enemies and pray for them too.
For I will judge them when judgment is due."

Devil, try if you must cuz I'm not afraid.
Jesus died on Calvary and by His blood I am saved.

He promised life everlasting in the kingdom anew.
What could you ever offer to make me serve you?

Where were you at all those times that I cried?
When I was crushed and hurt and wanted to die.

It was you in that drink, in that weed, in that man.
Trying to get me to let go of God's unchanging hand.

But you're tactics didn't work and I'm still standing strong.
I may struggle at times, but I'll keep moving on.

If ever I get weak, My God gives me strength.
All you ever did was spit in my face.

If ever I'm hurt, My God's there to heal.
All you come to do is lie, cheat, and steal.

But I know how you work and you can't stop me now.
God's placed His hand on me and I am His child.

So like I said before, it's time for you to go.
I'm a woman of God - you best act like you know!

Written by Zahra Twinford


Ujamaa Christian Poetry