Ujamaa Christian Poetry

That Man

Something about That Man,
Something about the Father's plan,
Something about That Name,
Something about The Lamb Who came,

Something about His grace and mercy,
Something about Him that is just so worthy,
Just so worthy of all the praise,
No longer bound by sin, I'm completely amazed,

By the awesome value of One Man's life,
Considered the only sacrifice,
The only One that can keep me pure,
The only One that has the cure,

For this sin-sick world so caught up in itself,
Unable to see past greed, fame, and wealth.
Each day that I awake, I thank Him anew,
For He died for me and He died for you.

Have you accepted Him yet or are you stuck in neutral?
Don't you know that waiting is futile?
Make up your mind and make sure you choose right.
There is only one way, one truth, one light.

If you follow any other, you'll be led astray,
And destined for damnation on judgment day.
So the day you hear His voice, harden not your heart.
Open up and let Him in for He will never depart.

Any time that you call Him, He'll be right there.
He lives inside of you; He's not going anywhere.
When you want to share your joys, when you want to share your sorrows,
When you're not sure whether you have the strength to make it to tomorrow,

Just call on Jesus; continue to hold His hand.
And don't ever let go 'cuz there is something about that man.

Written by Zahra Twinford


Ujamaa Christian Poetry