Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Lord - Just Listen

Yo Lord, we need to talk
I'm beginning to falter in this walk
Somehow the devil got a foothold
And the new me is turning back into the old

Lately I've done nothing but disgrace your grace
And wonder when you will revoke your mercy and curse me
I can't hide my actions from you, you're a god of omniscience
All-knowing, all-powerful, and always present

You know when I smoke, you know when I drink
You know when I think what I'm not supposed to think
You know each time that I sin and that happens everyday
Lord, I'm tired of trying to be perfect - so I'm done, okay

I feel I could be happy if I could just do what I want
But if that's the case why does conviction constantly haunt,
Torment, and cause me so much pain
I can't even pray I feel so ashamed

How dare I come before you and ask you to forgive
I knew it was a sin before I did what I did
But I did it anyway, knowing you would be upset
Now here I am with tears in my eyes full of regret

How many times will you look past my faults and imperfections
And enable me to re-establish my connection
The connection that was only severed in my mind
The connection that is truly one of a kind
The connection that I have with you my Lord and Savior
The connection that protects me from all hurt, harm, and danger

You gave me free will, so I can do what I please
But each time I go against your will, it's conviction that comes with ease
And it's when I'm convicted that I remember I'm loved
Loved by you my king who descended from above

You traded heaven for this ghetto called earth for 33 years
And although you were tempted, not once did you sin the whole time you were here
You were purity and perfection enrobed in flesh
The greatest man known to man crucified to bless
Anyone willing to accept you with eternal salvation
A chance to rebuild with you as the foundation

Try as I might, I'll never figure you out
But Lord when I get to thinking, I could just shout
Shout with joy 'cuz you saved my soul
And no matter how I see myself, you see me as whole

You made me complete, washed me white as snow
Promised never to forsake me, never to let me go
There's no one else like you, it completely blows my mind
And yet I still mess up, time after time after time after time

But if you won't give up on me Lord, I won't give up on you
I'll continue to press and fight my way through
Lord, thank you for listening, I feel much better now
A little talk with you, Jesus, always seems to help me out
I promise not to go this long without talking to you again
Lord, I love you and thank you, for everything. Amen.

Written by Zahra Twinford


Ujamaa Christian Poetry