Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Least I Fall

Lord take my hand and walk with me,
And guide my every step.
Because I'm just human, flesh and bone,
And you know I'll need your help.

Sometimes I stumble and make mistakes,
When I try to heed your call.
So lift me up along the way.
Stand beside me, least I fall.

Let your light shine like a beacon,
Through my soul for those who're lost.
Help me get your message to them,
How you redeemed, and bore their cross.

Let me glorify your precious name,
And praise it to the sky.
So your lost sheep will find their way,
To your mansion there on high.

Help me spread your Holy words,
To the four corners of the wind,
About the sacred blood You shed for all,
That covered every sin.

Lord never let me be ashamed,
To speak of light and love.
And to lift your precious Holy Name,
To the heavens up above.

Written by Vickie Lambdin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry