Ujamaa Christian Poetry

"Oh, My Soul"

"Oh, My Soul" why do ye grieve;
Now in your darkest hour?
When you know The Lord remains therein,
Still blooming like a flower.

He deserves your utmost praise, "My Soul"
When things are going wrong
Ye should delight in Him the same,
And praise His name, with song.

It's in the trials and tribulations;
That we face from day to day
That gives you strength and inspiration,
As Jesus guides you on your way.

"Oh, My Soul" do not despair;
For The Lord dwells in you still
As all your burdens he will bear,
And you know, "He always will."

"So Praise His Holy Name, My Soul"
And sing it to the wind
For in your darkness there's still light,
Because the Lord reigns deep within.

Written by Vickie Lambdin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry