Ujamaa Christian Poetry


When you find a friend so sweet
With whom you wish to share life's street
A few things should be taken into consideration
For both to provide support and co-operation

Not for your partner to give all and take less
For you to supply abundantly and not to surpress
To always uplift and to be of good intent
Not to find fault, but to make straight what's bent

Be courageous and let your light shine
Be that person who walks a straight line
Be the one you would like your partner to see
Take life's challenge and prove that it can be

Don't be discouraged when things don't fall into place
Go back where you've started and run to win the race
Be kind to each other and let love abide
Above all things, allow Jesus to be your Guide

When each one has applied this good advice
Above all other problems your spirit will arise
Cruise on, with the wind of Faith in your sails
and together you'll withstand the raving gales

Written by Trudy Veerman


Ujamaa Christian Poetry