Ujamaa Christian Poetry


As He carries me in His loving arms
Over rough terrain and life's rocky way
I am comforted by His warmth
And soon forget all earthly dismay

His heartbeat is so close to mine
It's a steady sound, always the same
My connection with Him is a Divine line
A crimson stream by which Salvation came

His eyes speak of Love and He has a smile
As He gently takes me by the hand
And guides me through another mile
Of wilderness, valleys and hilly land

While I'm walking, He keeps me in sight
I hear His call above the wordly noise
Directing me to take a different flight
Still higher, to better hear His voice

As He taught me to follow His trodden path
I no longer need to be roaming around
But can freely graze where there's no aftermath
In a place where joy and love abound

Written by Trudy Veerman


Ujamaa Christian Poetry