Ujamaa Christian Poetry


When overwhelming noise is brought to a stop
The quietness around you wakes you up
While you feel your way in the dark of night
You wonder if this quietness is alright

"Be still", is the simple word of the Lord
"You have spoken enough, while drawing the sword
It's time to listen to what I've to say
So bend your ear, while on your knees you stay"

"Listen to Me carefully, when I whisper now
Commit your life and surrender to your vow
as you did call upon Me, so long ago
Stay on guard and go with My flow"

"Forsake this world and all its thrills
Don't pollute your soul with earthly frills
It's not worth it, you don't gain much
you only risk losing the godly touch"

"So, listen to My voice, dear child of Mine
and use My word as your ONLY guide-line
Walk in obedience and follow after Me
and you will go from Victory to Victory"

Written by Trudy Veerman


Ujamaa Christian Poetry