Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Surely, all you'll need is Jesus
calming the storms in your life,
commanding the winds: "Be thou still",
to settle, for good, your strife.
Burning heat of circumstances
has already done its harm.
Your wounds became visible,
now you're in state of alarm.
. . . .He will be your Helper. . . .

You'll need Him to stop the waters
from flooding your lowest land,
by the touch of the Master
and direction of His strong hand.
The raging thunder has to go,
be cleared by His mighty voice.
He is very willing and able,
but He'll leave you the choice.
. . . .He will be your Master. . . .

Your hurts are so very obvious,
you've reached great despair.
You may have a strong notion,
that nobody really does care.
Perhaps, that may be possible,
but one thing I know for sure,
He will supply you strength,
so you may still endure.
. . . .He will be your Comforter. . . .

The balm for your wounds
needs to be skilfully applied
by the only Great Physician,
Who knows to do it right.
Go make an appointment soon,
with the One Who knows the best.
Who provides relief from sorrow,
from pain, hurts and all the rest.
. . . .He will be your Healer. . . .

Please, follow the trodden path
and take His ONLY Way.
Walk willingly in His footsteps,
is all, I sincerely pray.
He will lead you to lush pastures,
with much green and open land.
He will lovingly surround you,
and watch you don't fall, but stand.
. . . .He will be your Shepherd. . . .

He will be a refreshing breeze
in the heat of your painful day,
a hiding place, a rest for your soul
and relief from all dismay.
He'll be waiting with open arms,
when, in times, you need Him most.
't Will be in your darkest hour,
when He is standing at His post.
. . . .He is the Lord God, your Father. . . .

Written by Trudy Veerman


Ujamaa Christian Poetry