Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Are Your Ready?

"We can't get ready. We must be ready!"

I believe bible believers must live in the supernatural realm of God; believing in the
            impossible by faith; believing the name of Jesus is the answer to all questions; believing
            that words spoken in infinite spiritual wisdom and understanding can change the world -

I believe that every step bible believers take will lead to a new day, a refined way of thinking and
            a silent way of doing; and into a place of knowing the heart and will of God; believing
            that our thoughts today - will mirror his thoughts; believing that our actions today - will
            mirror his actions; believing that our faith now is the only currency needed to meet the

I believe bible believers must walk out the Acts of the Apostles; live out the present day church;
            holding on to every blood-bought word written that shouts Him; believing that we can
            walk into our own destiny, affecting nations as a solid unit- led three times over by five-
            fold authority from a single God;

I believe bible believers will preach the true testimony of Christ; bursting from the seams in
            excitement teaching his life, his ministry, his suffering; believing that it wasn't just Jesus'
            crucifixion, but the crucifixion of every believer; believing that on that third day, it
            wasn't just Jesus' resurrection - but the resurrection of every believer.

I believe bible believers must speak bible - the only language God understands; a heavenly
            tongue cursing babblings that boast of a world system, whose beliefs are pumped and
            pushed by bank transfers and market trends through human hands for human gain.

I believe bible believers will see through walls and concrete; discerning the very nature of bible-
            hating beasts seeking to sift souls like wheat; and the imposters will be separated by those
            seeking to be served and those seeking to serve others, those seeking to minister to the
            lost and those seeking to profit and prostitute the lost; and I believe bible believers will
            walk into the fire like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego proclaiming Christ at the cost
            of death;

I believe that bible believers will be the remnant that rises; they will be the secret weapons God
            has reserved for such a day as this, and they - these elect - will council together and stand
            as bible believers believing - that we can't get ready, we must be ready!

Are you ready?

Written by Theresa Harvard Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry