Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Where was I when God was calling?

I'll tell you where I was,
cleaning the house, and doing laundry.
Mind going a million miles a minute,
but didn't stop once, to think of my God.
I knew I should have been praying,
but I was outside with the kids, as they were playing.
I knew I should have been reading my daily bread,
but I read a romance novel instead.
One day a voice roarred from above, and said;
"Why don't you answer my call?"
Forgive me Lord, for not answering your call,
I meant to you know, but I was just too busy.
Lord you know how it is down here,
so much to do and no time to do it.
Besides, you know my heart!
Then that voice roarred from above again, and said;
"Yes I know your heart,
now when are you going to start living the part?
You don't want to wait until it is too late,
Oh, what a horrible fate.

Hello, Is any one there, Lord are you still there?

Dial Tone.......................................................

Written by Tammy Clark


Ujamaa Christian Poetry