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If you are a poet and would like for us to post your poetry on this site, feel free to send your submissions to: Poems@MyUjamaa.org
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Joyce Guy - I am a 62 year old wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 13. I have been a child of the Lord God almighty since I was 23 years of age. Walking with God and being aware of His presence in my life is more wonderful than I could even imagine. I have learned throughout the years that all of our troubles are used by God to train us up as His children. My Christian poetry depicts this. What a consolation. I also do oil paintings.

Contact Joyce at: jguy453@bellsouth.net

Dr. Trudy Veerman - Dr. Trudy Veerman lives in Canada with her family. She is a Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist and counsels mainly through the Internet and her website writings. She is a published author and poetess.

Contact Trudy at: Dr.Trudy@achristiancounselor.com

Kitty Williams - Save, single mother of 1 daughter in College. Published author of "Spiritual Intimacy" poems for the soul. Currently working on my second book. I am always seeking to uplift and encourage other poets. If you want to chat personally for prayer please drop me an e-mail at intimacyme@aol.com

Contact Kitty at: intimacyme@myujamaa.org

Geneva Poynter - I have been "in church" all my life; but in August of 1946 I received Christ as my own personal Savour and Lord. That was 57 years ago and He has never failed me yet! The Holy Spirit guides me day by day and when I read His Word. I thank God for the real privilege of being His servant day by day. My brother urged me to get a computer a couple of years ago so we could drive each other crazy. Then he urged me to start trying to write poetry. Altho I am not as prolific as he, God does send something once in a while. I praise Him for that. My husband, Bill, and I have one son (& daughter-in-law) and 3 GRAND children! They live near us and we enjoy them often at church and at home.

Contact Geneva at: Poynter1956@cs.com

Rhodara Shreve - I am a graduate of Gordon College, Wenham, Mass. 1976. I will be 50 this year! I have just found my "language" and really feel like I have come into a new world. I work on staff at Vineyard Columbus, Ohio as administrative assistant to the Associate Pastor, have 2 wonderful girls, 16 and 11 and I became a Christian in high school through Young Life ministries. I have been through alot but my waters run deep in the Lord.

Contact Rhodara at: rhodieshreve@vineyardcolumbus.org

Annette M. Parrott - I am a science educator by vocation and avocation and an heir of the Eternal King by predestination. Born in NYC, one of the ways I become more acquainted with the Nature of God, is by exploring God's nature. I enjoy gardening, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, hiking, wildlife photography, herpetology, writing psalms and lyrics and reading. I am active in my church's worship and arts ministry, children's choir, scholarship ministry, Bible Institute and am wholly and completely sold out to my Lord, Lover and Friend, Jesus Christ.

Contact Annette at: annette@mindspring.com

Marlene Kaye Bonney - I am a 52-yr. old Christian, married for 32 years. We have two grown married daughters, one precious grandchild, and a grown son who has just earned his Masters degree. We all accepted Christ into our hearts as young children and give Him praise for His guiding hand upon our lives. My husband and I have attended the same church since we were babies, and have served the Lord there in many different positions over the years, sharing the talents He has given to us. Most recently, the Lord has spoken to me about giving time to an interest and joy I experienced down through the years that I "put on a back burner" while being a stay-at-home Mom to our children. I have felt His blessing upon me, as He gives me these thoughts in poetry form to share with others, desiring to bring them to a deeper personal relationship with God. I also enjoy different types of needlework and reading in my spare time.

Contact Marlene at: marlykbon@juno.com

Tammy Clark - I'm a 34 year old mother of 5, I was born again 6 1/2 years ago, and my life has forever changed. I'm thankful for the gift of poetry that God has blessed me with. It has been an effective way of reaching out to people, my poems have touched the lives of many, and for that I give God the Glory. I'm so glad that God loved me and saved me from the wreched life of sin that I was living in the past. He has been a wonderful Savor, I love Him, and will continually serve Him all of my days.

Remember: He'll pour you out a blessing you wont have room to receive, if you'll continue in his ways.

Contact Tammy at: clar1523@bellsouth.net

Margie Epps - Elder Margie Epps is a 45 year old single woman who was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1994, inspired by the Holy Spirit, she began to record a collection of psalms and poems. All of them have a prophetic message to the believer, but even more so to the unbeliever. Margie has a burden for those who are bound by the chains of darkness and her prayer is that God will open the prison doors and set the captives free. She is the author of 3 books of poetry and her predestined assignment is to warn the House of Israel about the antichrist who is soon to come, and to prepare the people of God for the return of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus . . . The Anointed One).

Contact Margie Epps at: margie@reflect-a-moment.com

Gloria J. Evans - I am a 61 year old wife of 41 years, married to a devoted husband and mother of 1 grown son whom I adore. From a child I remember loving the Lord, and gave my heart to Him 22 years ago of which I've never regretted. He, indeed, has proven himself loving, merciful, gracious, sufficient and an able God in trying times. He has blessed me with many talents-among which are poetry and designing personalized greeting cards. My poetry, which I began to write some 40 plus years ago, speaks to various situations and circumstances of life and has touched the hearts of many in special ways and will continue to do so as the Lord wills.

I remain in His Love and Service,
Gloria J. Evans

Contact Gloria J. Evans at: Glovan3@aol.com

Betty J. Banks - My husband and I reside in Aurora, Colorado. I was born on August 9, 1943, in Bakersfield California. I am the mother of four adult daughters. I am a grandmother and great-grandmother, God has richly blessed me, and my family. Since retiring in 1999, I have devoted the third and final part of my journey here on earth, to continue learning, and to spread the 'Good News.' I knew in 1982 that I had a burning desire to get to know my Savior better, so I took Bible classes I made religion my elective in college I listened to this Preacher and that Preacher, I was hungry. During my years in corporate America, I felt that; if only I had the time I would devote my life to what Jesus commissioned 'us' to do. Now my mission is to share the knowledge that the Holy Spirit has taught me, with the help of learned men of God.

Contact Betty J. Banks at: openthebible@aol.com

Earnestine L. Smith-Haggins - I am a native from Savannah, Georgia. I am a 28 year old college student. I attend Darton College in Albany, Georgia. My major is Journalism/Education. I love the LORD very much and I am a Kingdom Builder at Faith & Prayer Training & Deliverance Ministries, Inc. of Albany, Georgia under the dynamic leadership of Dr., Prophet, Pastor Gwendolyn T. Hope. I work full time in my ministry. I am the church editor, secretary, and youth counselor. My passion is writing and working with children. My dream is to become a pultizer prize and Nobel Peace Wiinner. My goal is to own my own publishing company and start a writing ministry nationwide to minister to those who are bound in prison through literary arts. My mission is to saved souls through my writing. I am a anointed writer and have been chosen as one of God's scribes for such a time as this to write the laws of the land and decree what thus saith the LORD in this hour!

Contact Earnestine L. Smith-Haggins at: Propheticpoetry@yahoo.com

Nalita Ross - I am a 39 year-old married, mother of 2 grown sons, and 2 young daughters, living in Southern California. I work full time and have started back to school after many years to earn my degree. My walk with the Lord began 16 years ago, when I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Only recently has he become Lord of my life, and thank Him for all the rough times that have brought me to this point. A lot of my writing reflects aspects of my relationship with him. I am grateful for such an expressive gift, and I pray that I can continue to use it to His Glory.

Contact Nalita Ross at: leetababe@yahoo.com

Phyllis E. DeSarno - I was born and raised in a small city in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. I have had many life experiences and have met many warm and encouraging people who have inspired me through times of joy and times of trail. But my spirit has always been guided by the Lord. There is no darkness in my life because I am basking in the bright light of the Lord. I am a 65 year old woman raising three wonderful grandchildren (13,6, and 4). I am rather a novice at writing poetry, but I have loved it all my life. I hope what I write will inspire the reader to keep their faith in the Lord strong and the center of their life - to cherish hope, tranquility, the magnificence of nature, and the tie that bonds us all, love! May God continue to bless all who go about HIs work with an honest heart and a reverence for the strength of His Armor.

Contact Phyllis E. DeSarno at: sweetface1116@aol.com

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