Ujamaa Christian Poetry


A disrupted peace is how it all began
Eons ago, before the world knew what violence
A usurped sovereignty could unleash
Within the sacred garden.

The exploits of our nature seem so grand now.
We applaud ourselves without hesitation and move on
To consider other realms to conquer and
Other worlds to dominate.

But it was not so in the beginning of time
There was a garden then and in that garden, there was Love;
Deep, untouched and locked in a tight communion,
It brought together all that was divine
And all that was human.

Peace dwelt there
between them and among them.
The unity of seemless wholeness sustained
The tranquil beauty
And a renewing rest nurtured the
Daily shared union.

What went so wrong?

Did this un-peace really come at a moment of choice
When we reached out to
Undo what was too tempting not to undo?
Was this just a myth that captured some writer's imagination
Or does it explain the darkened fault line
Running through the epicenter of all doomed generations?

You tell me.
Was this ancient story real?

You tell me.
Is there a war in your heart that you can feel?

I hear the voices that cry out for peace

The vigilant soldier tries to stand his ground
And then returns home to tell his wife his heart has grown cold.
With one stab to her chest, his brutal words pierce her through
With a steel bayonet
And he begins the assault on the domestic war.
Destroying the peace again....and again.

Peace, you say, here on this earth?
Do you think we can really achieve this elusive safeness that
Poets dream about and politicians never seem to attain?
Can we wallow in the pool of our neighbor's blood
And then say, "now we have our peace" and stay the same?

I don't know about you
But I'm embracing the truth of this garden.
I'm not sticking my head in the sand and waving some white flag,
I'm not waiting for the lion to lie down with the lamb.
We have seen the Prince of Peace.

At his own request, he remained defenseless and
Silently let us take him away to the slaughter.
He broke the power of this violent evil
By enduring brutal beatings and wearing his thorny crown.
He bore ignorant injustice and offered the world
a selfless sacrifice
So that in him, this conflict could end.
Then He took our un-peace to the grave
And walked straight into hell.
He tore down the last stronghold of pride.
He cast all the demons aside.

Does it matter now that this one man is our Peace?
Has he yet another war to win?

I can't tell you that.
You'll have to look straight into your own heart
If you want Eden back.

Written by Rhodara Shreve


Ujamaa Christian Poetry