Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Song

( I wrote this during a visit to the shore of Lake Michigan. )

White caps glide across the endless lake
Tumbling and rolling over the watery landscape
Like playful children, they look for the next wave
To carry them along.

The rhythm of the water is ceaseless in its efforts
To pound the shore with echoes of tidal melodies
I can hear them floating towards me
Like repetitive notes in balance with the driving wind.

Pushing them from behind,
The relentless current leaves them no choice
But to play and be played
Against the sandy solitude.

I hear this song as it pounds the toughened shoreline.
It cannot escape a destined encounter
With nature's patterned movements.

I am reminded of the eternal life of God and His promises to me.

No one pushed Him to move towards earth's tainted shoreline.
No one told Him what song to play.
Driven towards us without the wind at His back,
He opened His symphony to an indifferent audience.

Through covenants and sacrifices,
Conquered lands and petulant prophets,
The words of this song formed
Upon the records of our history.

Can you hear it? Do you know the song?
Never ending, it goes on and on
Beating out one long sounding note
Rolling over and over the vacuous shoreline
It conquers everything in its way.

This song has been shaped by martyrs and apostles,
It was carved into catacombs while councils and clergy
Imprinted scholastic creedal writings on paper
And singular lives.

One by one, the notes have taken shape
The song has been written and it will never
Cease to be what it was meant to be.
It will never be undone or taken back
Even by those who refuse to recognize the tune.
This song has been played for all the earth to hear
It sweeps across eternity
And is sung by angels without fear.

Oh, can't you hear it? Can't you hear it?
Love has written with point and counterpoint
Capturing all our longings on pitched and strained strings.
What sages took centuries to preserve,
He marked upon the score with one stroke...
And there will be no more.

Listen closely now, can you hear...
Songs of ransomed men and women are performed here.
Pushing, beating, pounding against a redeemed shoreline,
The white caps dance for joy
Across a glistening, laughing lake.
They know this song was no mistake.

Written by Rhodara Shreve


Ujamaa Christian Poetry