Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Divorce, the cost

( This is about my parent's divorce when I was 15 and effects. )

Never waking, never sleeping,
Never sure, never surer.
The final setting of your lovely light
Darkened the chiseled caverns of loneliness and sorrow.

It seemed like twilight lasted for one brief moment,
And no one cared to notice.

Fully broken, fully damaged,
Fully needy, fully wronged.
The deception of the coming night
Covered it all like a stifling blanket.

No one cared to look just once
And see the precious beauty fading from my world.

Dwindling romance, dwindling love,
Dwindling pleasure, dwindling peace.
The deepest commitments were shaken at the core,
And there was no care for limits.

I cannot imagine what swept over us so quickly.
Like a tidal wave, it washed all the memories from our minds.

Scattered dreams, scattered family,
Scattered bodies, scattered home.
If only we had waited long enough for bonds to form;
But the jaded freedom punished us instead.

I wondered when the answer would come
And cleanse the tormented tears that I had shed.

Forgiving children, forgiving father,
Forgiving mother, forgiving shadows.
I could not cover this shame any longer!
Was there another chance at the holy brightness of pure love?

For a moment, time stood still and poison spilled out everywhere.
Across the void there was a sacred space for what I could not say.

Then grace became real.
Love, Pure Love, came running towards me.
I saw Love's burning heart so deeply pierced.
I could not weep for me again.
I could not weep for me again.

I looked into the saddest eyes and knew the cost.

For me, the stolen years.
For Him, tormented tears.

Written by Rhodara Shreve


Ujamaa Christian Poetry