Ujamaa Christian Poetry


( This was written to capture the feeling of spiritual deadness.
There is a golf course near my house that inspired this. )

I saw a barren, frozen landscape not far from my house
Coming up over the hill, it was rising
White and covered with pines and ponds that were chilled
I thought I had seen the horizen.

The reflections of darkness bounced off of the snow
Creating the shadows of doubt
No one seen running across this night canyon
Would ever know what it's about.

With one blink of my eyes I recognized the cold tundra
Familiar and strangely like home.
No life could be living, no creature surviving
This place where the heart was not known.

There was never a chance for hope to be free
Or venture far from the nest it was tending.
The temperature kept a tight throttle on growth
And the dying was always unending.

It isn't hard to feel comfort looking out at this scene
As I've lived with it day after day
My soul feels so trapped in this cold unkind landscape
I am desperate for some other way.

So I'm not giving up though the frigid night air
Tries to freeze every breath that I take.
I will find the right grace to unthaw all this coldness
And live once again for Love's sake.

Written by Rhodara Shreve


Ujamaa Christian Poetry