Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Back off U cannot have me

Walking through life's open doors
Each step presents a challenge
The do's and don'ts
As the devil tries to trick me
Trying to seek, destroy and steal my Joy
But in times like this u must
Say back off, u cannot have me

The devil is jealous of your love
For God, and his Son Jesus
As the Word of God comforts us
The devil does not want it to be heard
He wants us to spiritually dead
Just walking empty vessels, after attempting to wreck us
We are only full if we have God's words of love
He tries, but I say back off, U cannot have me

He gets angry and leaves
Saying he will back another day
In daily rights and wrongs things
He makes things appear so sweet and easy
Remember the apple story
When Adam and Eve tasted sin
I just want pure water, back off, u cannot have me

He is uses your flesh, tries to get into your thoughts
Oh God, I cry how great though are
If Jesus can do it, so can I and u
His suffering and sacrifice
Was more compared to mine
But Jesus still lives if focus spiritual senses
Back off, u cannot have me

My spiritually Dad, did not make me weak
He may have told me to be humble and meek
I was made for this seasonal purpose
I will win, God has plans for me
Because the devil has no love
Back off, U cannot have me, Jesus is love

We have to put the devil under our feet
Only with Scripture, he smells defeat
He must run and flee
So we must watch what we entertain
The things we think and say
Yes the devil will try every day
Do not resist it, just do it God's way
Your God's child, not the devil's child
Back off, u cannot have me devil

Written by Aaron P. Royer


Ujamaa Christian Poetry