Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Man that Can

Who I am, what can I do Lord
Do I have the necessary weapons, tools, or words?
Piercing voices, telling you are equipped with all three by reading, understanding my bible while believing in Trinity of God
Whatever the gender, sex, size, weak, strong or color
He loves us the same, He loves us equally and understands our needs
We are made from the perfect ness of His image
God does not fail or make mistakes, so you have been made for success
Therefore you are a man that can

We all have been given a special talent or gift
But who is responsible for this spectacular uniqueness
God is, HE has given these gifts to bring people together closer to him in the fellowship
We should rejoice, say thank you Lord, everyday
For God's only Son Jesus has given His life, so we could be saved
Give God some praise; in your seats, stand and give a Faithful wave
Saying I can do all things though Christ Jesus, because He strengthens me
Holy, holy, is the Lord as told you you're a man that can.

As you walk down the long and narrow road
There will be tough times; rough rides as u go though this road test
As the Devil tries to steal and destroy, but he is just jealous that you have chosen the right side
Casting the devil down, towards and under your feet
Telling him you're a winner for Christ Jesus
Saying as long I have breathe, Amen, strength Amen, you are too blessed to be stressed
God did not give you anything HE did not think you couldn't handle while you strive for excellence
Forever as you grow while believing in your change, changing your thinking into the man that can

Can you feel the power, in His name, the Joy, the comfort of His Spirit?
Can u hear Him Whispering in your spiritual Ear?
Telling, showing u the way to Glory and Victory
The Devil is liar; He is mad today, darkness has turned into light
Claiming your faith, confessing your sins, while being servant of Jesus, seeing your destiny
Walking beside the lord in his Great kingdom being forever free
Because it is no longer a rumor, secret, you can tell the world, you are a man that can.

Written by Aaron P. Royer


Ujamaa Christian Poetry