Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Right on time

Tick tock, on my little clock
When will it come, as my thoughts knock?
Impatient, I cannot wait another minute
Waiting for my blessing
As I sit there stressing
Then hit me, God waited on us
Why we cannot wait on Him
In a hurry for no reason
Saying things like, "I had enough"
"I ready to give up"
But the Holy Spirit says wait
Just wait, have a faith
Every thing will happen right on time

Like our Spiritual daily straw in wind messages
Reading to start a new day or new blessing
As these prophecies and revelations come true
We serve a perfect God, He know what we need too
As the Lord says: Remain in my love
I will not leave you or forsake you
As the prayer request become bigger
Through this season of storms
Do worry, do not despair
In mist of all, the Lord is there
As your life stories unfolds
Only God knows, the stories to be told
Through his brilliant plan,
Through the pieces in your dreams and prayers
Every thing will happen right on time

Smile, people do not stress
Do not frown in duress
We are to blessed to be stressed
Not only the saints, but everyone else
Just believe and hold fast
Stay strong, Jesus is with you through every task
Take off that pride mask
Be humble, forgive and be free
Words for thought
When your blessing comes
You will say Lord, Your Right On Time.

Written by Aaron P. Royer


Ujamaa Christian Poetry