Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Sometimes when people let me down
My smiles are all replaced with frown.
I start to think It's all my fault
Then fill my wounds with my own salt.

My self-esteem falls through the floor.
I know I'd be the party bore.
And then when down I pull inside
And wish from all the world to hide.

I cannot see the good I've done
Nor can I feel I should have fun.
I shun the ones who say they love
And even doubt the God above.

This dreary sadness fills my soul.
My heart feels like an empty bowl.
If death would come I would not care,
I've nothing left to give or share.

Then while I sit here in my room,
While dwelling in my selfish gloom,
I read a passage from a book
And to my very bones I shook.

I've read this book one time before
But never opened up my door.
I kept the message pushed aside
So I could stay within and hide.

But this time as I read the book
I opened up my door to look,
And read within the printed word
A meaning that I finally heard.

Those words rang out with truth and light,
They magnified my inner sight.
As I looked deep within to see,
I saw the person I should be.

The words of God were clear that day,
They even taught me how to pray.
While in his image I was made
And knowing this, I'm not afraid.

I learned he loves me, come what may
And now He's in my heart to stay.
I found that I am not so bad,
Cause look who I can call my dad.

He is my Father, that's for sure;
My spirit dad that will endure.
Forgiving me, He'll cleanse within
As I repent of all my sin.

Now that I've found the real me
I'm better than I use to be,
And although there are times I'm down
It's not so long till I rebound.

You see, I've found my self in life
And realize we all have strife.
It's easier to cope you see,
Cause every one is just like me

So knowing that I'm not alone
And that the Lord's my corner stone
I'm armed against depression's trial
As I live with my Savior's smile.

Written by Rowena Jamero


Ujamaa Christian Poetry